23 January, 2013

me too has a forte of it

Flower Decorating is quite enjoying if you know you have the forte to make and achieve it.  As part of the lessons, this semester's midterm project in Food Service is flower decorating (centerpiece).  So here is my masterpiece and I had proven that I really have the guts to make it 1.0 on class record.

my masterpiece

At first, you will find it hard to arrange the flowers and greenies.  But as you go by the decoration process, you will enjoy each time.  You should, and must balance the components of the flowers and green items for a good looking masterpiece.

1.0 on grading

Thank you Mr. John Raymond Sinadhan for grading me 1.0!  Mabuhi ka! :))

18 January, 2013

TGIF!  Midterm examination is approaching.  Next week would probably be so tiring.  Field Study on tuesday and thursday morning and major exams on the afternoon.  Well, I can pass all these with God's grace.  Anyways, am not that glad to conduct field study at the institution we have chosen because they are not accommodating.  It was so sad to share that we are like a statue being built standing at the sideways and nobody offers a chair.  I think we did a wrong choice of institution.  But still, we have to conduct this for subject requirement purpose.  I'd rather choose to conduct observation at far-flung areas.  Respectful students, very accommodating institution and pollution-free environment.  OK! carpentry tomorrow morning!  Stay tuned.

05 January, 2013

nonsense questions on ask.fm

Many of my friends on twitter are having posts with link ask.fm, so I wonder what this site is all about.  The site is all about asking questions, merely not humorous but I use to answer each question sarcastically (haha walang basagan ng trip).  So the answers were all posted on twitter account.  The site is connected with twitter and facebook.

so here's the questions I used to answer!


Kapag nawawalan ng kuryente sa bahay mo, ano ang una mong nami-miss?... — yung mga tanong mong wala namang kwenta
Ano ang babaguhin mo sa Mundong ito? — lalagyan ko nga aircon ang mundo para di mainit! 
Mayroon ka bang mga kinatatakutan? — yung pagharap mo, jusko takot na takot ako haha 
youre so mean. pakiklaro po kung ano ang ibig nyo sabihin, sabi po ni mirriam, maraming meaning ang MEAN mo!
Anong gawain ang hindi ka maiinip? — yung pagbibilang ng mga buhok ko. 
Gagawin ba tayong hangal ng TV? — kung magiging hangal ka, gagawin nila tayong hangal :)) 
Ilang text ang ipinapadala mo kada araw? — ay sira phone ko :((
Magkano ang iyong nagastos ngayong araw na ito at para saan?... — humigit kumulang isang milyon po 
Gaano ka kadalas uminom ng kape? — i dont drink coffee :)) char
Anong tatlong mga bansa ang gusto mong bisitahin? — italy,greece,canada 
Gaano ka kadalas makinig sa radyo? Ano ang iyong paboritong estasyon ng radyo?... — wala kaming radyo sorry
Ano ang ginagawa mo kapag mag-isa ka sa kuwarto? — wala akong kwarto eh! so wala akong ginagawa haha 
Saan mo gustong tumira? — sa bahay. obviously :) 
Kung may babaguhin ka sa iyong sarili, ano ito? — wala! sa tingin ko di ako panget chus! 
ask.fm: mean ka ba? ako: huh? what do you mean? haha :))
Aling kanta ang nagpapaalala sa iyo ng iyong pagkabata? — ano po. ahm anak haha 
Naniniwala ka ba sa pag-ibig? — kung sasagutin mo ako :))
Mas gugustuhin mo bang lumabas para maghapunan o magluto sa bahay?... — wala nga kaming bahay! 
Paano mo mababago ang Mundo? — mamahalin kita. mababago na ang mundo ko. haha 
Ano ang paborito mong paraan para magsaya? — matulog po :))

04 January, 2013

happy new year!

People said that New Year is the time to change and improve ourselves.  If I have to say, I don't need new year to make resolutions.  If you have the will for a change, then you can.  I find my 2012 memorable.  Things which I did not expect to happen merely happened.  Good, bad, sweet and even bitter experiences will be turn out to memories.  I thank all the people who have been part of my past year.  Thanks to my parents for the financial and moral support which I needed the most.  For my friends, online and school, I thank you for always being there on my side.  For sharing all your shoulders when I have questions and doubts and for making me feel that I am not alone.  To people who treat me as great adversary in their life, just go on.  If you think you have the right to do what you want, then you are free.

I hope 2013 would be better as always  I wanted and expected on my resolution list.  To make this year better, I think I have to let go some of my negative outlooks in life.  Letting go would be better than keeping it all ourselves.

Let go of envy.  Envy is a common feeling to everybody.  Whatever it is or something that others have, take comfort in the fact that you also have what they do not have.  That you have the capability of doing certain thing which others aren't capable of doing so.  That you have someone who truly loves like others have.  We must let go envy and take pride of things which others don't have.

Let go of negative outlook.  Life is so good to live without burdens we possess.  Always bare in mind that you can.  Take courage to face every day with smile and hope.  Stay positive for it is the way to live happy.  Make each day great as we make ourselves positive minded.

Let go of negative vibes and face 2013 positively.  Happy New Year!