05 December, 2012

Bachelor of Science in EVERYTHING

Much has been said, "Jack of all trades, master of none."

I never thought that taking a TLE major will cover up all the skills which I am not capable.  Yes, I am not born to be a carpenter someday, but I am learning to be.  I am not born to be an electrician, but I am learning to do house wiring.  I am not born to be a "lalaking manikurista" but I did how to be because of the course requirement.  And hopefully next year, I will be learning to become a tailor.  Yes, TLE major is more on skills.

I am not in the right stand to make complaints in accordance to my major.  I have to comply and pass all the subject requirements for me to pass.  If to learn is the purpose of going school, so why complain?

Bachelor of Science in Everything


Kimberly Bibera and Carla Jane Bacolod on handling the saw.

Yes, guys, gays, gals, tomboy or whatever is not exempted on doing the carpentry activities.  I find it hard to handle the hammer and the saw,  shortly, I am not capable of doing so.  In fact, it is quite enjoying!!!

Meet the sexiest woman in the carpentry shop :))

the sexy Kimberly Bibera (model sa gabas)

This semester's TLE is composed of two majors, the seven unit carpentry and the nine unit food service.


table skirting

First activity on food service.

Kinsay nag-ingon nga dali ra mag-maestra/maetsro, TLE pay major! 

Photo credits: Ms. Kimberly Bibera.