25 May, 2013

why spanish?

Another accomplishment I had done was I finished my second year in college.  It's quiet exhausting to think back what I've done just to comply all the subject requirements to pass and be able to maintain my grade as a scholar.  But with God's grace, I made it.

Third Year.  Another year to burn midnight candles, another year to celebrate night having limited time to sleep, another year for projects and quizzes.  Above all, it is quiet surprising to be in third year and what makes it surprising is the spanish subject, oh my God!

"kung maka nosebleed ang filipino subject, mas maka hemorrhage ang spanish" 

I have not found any reason why we, the future educators should learn spanish language when in fact, our students are obviously filipino.  But still we are opted to learn as stated in the constitution that, all teaching courses in public and private state universities and colleges should learn spanish as part of the curriculum.

why spanish when.....

our students are filipinos?
the medium of instructions are filipino and english?
we can't use it in the teaching field?
others can't understand what we are talking about?

so why spanish?

Okay, hello spanish! welcome to my life.  Hi third year!!!  CTUnian still.  Thank you DAUSA!