29 December, 2012

it's just a dream, nothing but a dream!

Back on time three years ago when Benedicto College was having their career talk in our institution.  I was not that ready then to think for what course I may going to take on college because aside from not being mature when it comes to decision-making, I am not also financially equipped.  I find myself being in love to some experiments, discovering new things which is not usual.  Men have been mechanically skillful than women.  So back to the career talk, I am gaining hope because Benedicto College offers BS Chem. Engineering.  All I know then was, I like Chem. Eng'g. although I am not very in good in Chemistry subject.  I can't even balance the chemical equation perfectly.  But that's me, highly confident (lagpas ulo confidence ko teh!).

So time passed by, I have not pursued myself to take Chem. Eng'g.  I have been a tambay for a year.  I realized that, ang pagiging isang tambay ang pinaka-nakakapagod gawin sa buong buhay.  Because, aside from you are not productive, you are not gaining money for yourself.  So, I made way to be on school.  I find  a scholarship.  Actually, I did not took my application serious for the reason that the organization I was applying for a scholarship is no longer active.

My heartfelt gratitude to Facebook because I find the organization's president.  So I sent a message and interviewed.  I thank God because he has been good to me all the time.  I got accepted and given a chance to showcase my knowledge (char! haha).  I accepted the scholarship hence Education is my second choice and I will be called Sir in the near future.  Maybe I am born to be a public servant and to touch other's lives.

Unfortunately, my dream to become a Chem. Eng'g. someday is no longer can be a reality.  Maybe it's God's will and maybe he wants me to serve the public by making me a teacher someday.  But anyways, dili man managan ang mga eskwelahan, so there is a reason not to lose hope in reaching a dream.  Wala ta kahibalo, basin usa sa akong pamilya mahimong Chemist, haha pero tan-aw ko, murag wala gyud intawn.  PAETS! Good night.

Thank You DAUSA Org.  :))