05 September, 2013

friends are chosen family

Much has been said that "No man is an island."  None of us can only depend on himself alone.  We are not yet to be called a "full man" if we don't have those people whom we call friends.  Friendship is the best relationship we can ever had.  For our friends, we can share our laughter, our tears, victory, mischief and other stories that makes us felt that we aren't alone.

Friends are our chosen family!  They reflect us on what we are, on who we are.  Number doesn't matters most in friendship, what matters most is who among of them stands beside you for a long time.  We might have thousands of friends online in facebook, millions of follower in twitter but in reality, it's just a dream of having that number in your circle of friends.  And that's the reality of life!

Things changed, but true friends don't.  Things do really changed, people changed!  But true friends never changed.

True friends are those who:

  • are comfortable to converse with you
  • listen you most of the time
  • believe you with no doubt
  • advises you with the positive outcomes
  • never get tired of listening your pointless dramas
  • can drive your craziness
  • accept you for what you are
  •  never leave you alone
  • and willing to help you anytime.
Having friends are just like collecting toys, you got many but in the end you only have left few.  And those few are your "true friends."  

So we should be proud to our circle of friends, for they are our second family!