28 November, 2012

Ranchudas, my Pet!

Kimberly Bibera, a friend and classmate of mine shared me about Pet Society on Facebook.  An application which you can create your own and customized Pet and home.  I was wandering what is Pet Society all about.  So, I made a visit on the application and played.

Meet my Pet.  I named it Ranchu, a character from an Indian film 3 Idiots.

Ranchu's home

The pet society village is composed of, the market, furniture shop, Fishing pond, food mart, boutique, salon, stadium and cafe.  In order to earn coins, you can visit your neighbor's home to have some, and you are to choose whether you will kiss, dance, laugh and bang your neighbor. Their is also a stadium where you can play games to earn coins.  The coins received is now ready to purchase items from the market or the styling salon.

race inside the stadium

Try to play pet society and enjoy your pet upon staying the village. :)