04 November, 2012

Late Enrollment

1st Year

Every enrollment is always a discrimination moment for us night shift students, I really don't know why.  It happened when I was in my first year of college life.  Enrollment is going on for the new and old students.  As a scholar, I can't go on enrollment  because I don't even have my schedule yet.  It is really quite disgusting     for someone like me who spent the whole morning waiting for the schedule to be posted on the wall.

My blood was like boiling when I find out that the day shiftees are already have their schedules and were ready for validation, while we, the night shiftees were still waiting for ours to be posted.  I was starting to run my papers for validation after lunch, and guess what, I had lost my appetite because of waiting that simple thing which they made very complicated and unfair.  I really can feel the being of discrimination.  And I hate being discriminated.

Unlike other Universities and Colleges, enrollment period lasted for about two days.  Imagine that two days just for the precious signature?  

2nd Year

1st semester is far different from the last two semesters in my first year in the University.  Our final examination schedule was on the 2nd week of October.  We are expecting for an early long vacation.  Filipino subject was the last subject we took an exam.  After examination, the instructor told us about the project to be passed next week. Oh common, where is the early vacation there?  7 original pieces to be made?

After submitting the said project, of course we are expecting for the grades to be released.  Our Filipino instructor was on a seminar that's why the grades were not ready to be released.  It takes like 2 weeks to compute the grades for her.  The enrollment for 2nd semester is going on, but we can't go on enrollment because we have no grades yet.  Nov. 5 is the class opening, and we are not yet enrolled, and have no choice but to be enrolled late.  I really don't like this type of policy.  FIRST DAY SHIFT FIRST BEFORE NIGHT SHIFT!