28 November, 2012

Ranchudas, my Pet!

Kimberly Bibera, a friend and classmate of mine shared me about Pet Society on Facebook.  An application which you can create your own and customized Pet and home.  I was wandering what is Pet Society all about.  So, I made a visit on the application and played.

Meet my Pet.  I named it Ranchu, a character from an Indian film 3 Idiots.

Ranchu's home

The pet society village is composed of, the market, furniture shop, Fishing pond, food mart, boutique, salon, stadium and cafe.  In order to earn coins, you can visit your neighbor's home to have some, and you are to choose whether you will kiss, dance, laugh and bang your neighbor. Their is also a stadium where you can play games to earn coins.  The coins received is now ready to purchase items from the market or the styling salon.

race inside the stadium

Try to play pet society and enjoy your pet upon staying the village. :)

18 November, 2012

An object that describes me as a future educator.

EDUCATION is the best wealth among all luxuries and jewels.  It is something which cannot be stolen from others.  Education for me is the most important spices in life.  As a future teacher, I am proud to say that I was not mistaken in taking up this course.  At first, I am really not into teaching or to become a teacher someday.  Once, I promise that whatever happens, I will never took up education courses.

Maybe it is god's will of what I have achieved as an education student now. I imagined that it's good to be part of someone's progress.  It's nice to think that you have been an inspiration for your students.  You have been part of their life as their mentor and what's the best is the lessons you instill that they will never ever be forgotten. 

We have a subject called "Principles of Teaching" and from the name itself, it is more on what is education really about.  Our instructor gave us an assignment of what object best describes us as a teacher in the future and ask to draw the object on a white paper.  My answer is, a candle best describes me as a future teacher.  Here is my drawing.

a candle best describes me as a future teacher

A candle because, just like it gives us light in darkness, I can be an instrument that can light up their mind through the future.  I can be their light on taking their path through success.  And with my light, I can help them lead the way for their bright future.

Education is for all.  Everybody has the freedom to be educated and is free to go schooling.  Education is not expensive if you have the guts.  As the saying goes "If there's a will, there's a way."  If you want to educate yourself, then there are millions of ways.  There is a saying "If you think education is expensive, try IGNORANCE."  

"EDUCATION is a gift that none can take away."

15 November, 2012

Doodle Art

At first, I really don't know what's with the doodle art.  I can't see the beauty of the art.  But, try to take a look at this, I find the picture more attractive than anything else.  Doodle art is done through painting in the wall or in any paper will do.  Credit to Mr. Joseph Durias, for this amazing picture.  

I find doodle art hard to do.  From the concept, the uniqueness should also be one of the concern (i think so).  It is not just a simple art, a simple drawing, but it has a story of what it is being shown.  I am inspired to learn doodle art (haha insecure lang?).  I swear, I find it nice to do.  

credit to Joseph Durias for this art

09 November, 2012

Maghintay ka lamang

I am not the man that is fond of listening music, in fact, I am not a music lover.  But, there is one song that really inspires me to live in this chaotic world.  The song is also Charice' Pempengco's favorite song and was used to sing in a show.  What makes it inspiring is the message of the song.

Kung hindi ngayon
Ang panahon
Na para sa iyo
Huwag maiinip
Dahil ganyan
Ang buhay sa mundo

Problems are just normal for a living.  Well in fact, problem is the only thing in the world that never fades.  But we should bear in mind that problems are there for a purpose.  As my instructor said, "A problem without a solution is not a problem."  In fact, he is exactly right.  The best thing to do is to accept all those burdens because I know God is always there, and tomorrow is always countless.

Huwag mawawalan ng pag-asa
Darating din ang ligaya
Ang isipin mo'y may bukas pa
Na mayroong saya

We should not lost hope for all the burdens that stocked in us.  Hope is always in the way, not now, but maybe someday.  We should think that there is always "tomorrow" that will give us hope and will put a smile on our face.

Kabigua'y hindi hadlang upang tumakas ka
Huwag kang iiwas 'pag nabibigo
Dapat na lumaban ka

Nobody is perfect in this lying world.  Failure is not a reason to give up and to stop for the game.  Everyday is a challenge of surviving ourselves.  We should take courage to stand out, for a failure is a reason to make ourselves whole.

Ang kailangan mo'y tibay ng loob
Kung mayrong pagsubok man
Ang liwanag ay 'di magtatagal
At muling mamasdan
Ikot ng mundo ay hindi laging pighati't kasawian
Ang pangarap mo ay makakamtan
Basta't maghintay ka lamang

Courage is what we need in all the obstacles we encounter as we take our way.  The world is not always a grief and misfortune.  Dreams will be come true, and all we should do is to take action and wait.

To all who doesn't lost hope, this song is ours........

"Don't lose hope, be on your journey for tomorrow is ours."

07 November, 2012



I can say that my first semester on my 2nd year in College was really a productive one.  I may not be the best among the class, but I still maintained my grades not to get an average of 2.0 (yehey).  What makes it more beautiful to think is that, I am not hoping for the higher grade.  I am just praying not to get many 2's in the card.  Lord is really good, He doesn't want me to lost my scholarship.

The scholarship demands for a general average of 2.5, and thank God, I am more on that grade.  I am not so confident to share and speak out loud my 1.6 average (haha).  Well I know, it's hard to have that grade.  It is all because of my hardwork and willingness to pass all my subject, and also my passion of becoming an educator someday.

My grade is composed of these numerical coefficient in their respective subjects........

TLE (major).....................................1.3
Computer Literacy..........................1.8
English 3.........................................1.4
Filipino 3.........................................2.5  (due to the terror instructor)
Chemistry (lecture)..........................1.7
Chemistry (laboratory).....................1.6
Child Psychology..............................1.8
Teaching Professions.......................2.1 (I'm not good in Law)
Field Study.......................................1.1

I thank my ever good and beloved instructors and professors of believing my strength and capabilities.  Singot ang akoang puhunan aning gradoha (sweat was my capital for this grade).  Also, I thank DANAO ASSOCIATION U.S.A. for the scholarship grant, and also for believing me.

I thank God, my parents, DAUSA Org., my friends, classmates and to all who have been part of my college life.  Major Major thanks to you all!!!

06 November, 2012

Started with curiosity, ended up addiction.

  Neri, Juderic
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      Curiosity brought me to find out of what really twitter is.  I was on my senior year in high school when I started to make my account.  It started up with curiosity and I never thought that I could be one of those addicts in tweeting (haha). Well at first, I really don't know what's on the twitter world.  I don't know what's the follow button for.  I encourage some of my classmates to start tweeting and be registered, but they don't like twitter unlike facebook.  They find twitter more sossy than facebook.  I ask why?  They said, It's simply because twitter is for show business. Which I said, No.

I find twitter nicer than facebook.  In fact, I can express my thoughts and feelings on twitter directly.  Unlike Facebook that you have to think first your statuses before posting it.  Facebook has many more drama than Twitter.

My twitter account has been online for almost 3 years and half.  And unfortunately, I only got 1,916 followers with 24, 162 tweets.  I can't imagine before that I am really to fast in tweeting.  Sometimes, I got over capacity because of tweeting so much and much.  If tweeting would cost lots of money, I mean if 1 tweet cost one peso, well I don't know how to get that 24,162 back (haha).  

      Well, it only started up with curiosity and ended up addiction.

04 November, 2012

Late Enrollment

1st Year

Every enrollment is always a discrimination moment for us night shift students, I really don't know why.  It happened when I was in my first year of college life.  Enrollment is going on for the new and old students.  As a scholar, I can't go on enrollment  because I don't even have my schedule yet.  It is really quite disgusting     for someone like me who spent the whole morning waiting for the schedule to be posted on the wall.

My blood was like boiling when I find out that the day shiftees are already have their schedules and were ready for validation, while we, the night shiftees were still waiting for ours to be posted.  I was starting to run my papers for validation after lunch, and guess what, I had lost my appetite because of waiting that simple thing which they made very complicated and unfair.  I really can feel the being of discrimination.  And I hate being discriminated.

Unlike other Universities and Colleges, enrollment period lasted for about two days.  Imagine that two days just for the precious signature?  

2nd Year

1st semester is far different from the last two semesters in my first year in the University.  Our final examination schedule was on the 2nd week of October.  We are expecting for an early long vacation.  Filipino subject was the last subject we took an exam.  After examination, the instructor told us about the project to be passed next week. Oh common, where is the early vacation there?  7 original pieces to be made?

After submitting the said project, of course we are expecting for the grades to be released.  Our Filipino instructor was on a seminar that's why the grades were not ready to be released.  It takes like 2 weeks to compute the grades for her.  The enrollment for 2nd semester is going on, but we can't go on enrollment because we have no grades yet.  Nov. 5 is the class opening, and we are not yet enrolled, and have no choice but to be enrolled late.  I really don't like this type of policy.  FIRST DAY SHIFT FIRST BEFORE NIGHT SHIFT!