01 October, 2012


This semester is the great of all.  Cooking is fun!  We majored this semester food technology, and of course, it is more on cooking and cooking.  Here is our specialty, 

Grilled Pork ala Mayo

Main ingredient: pork.  Grilled pork ala mayo,  mayo for mayonnaise.  The steps is so easy to follow.  From simply marinating the pork to make it tender, and grilled.  The marinade mix is composed of soy sauce, mayonnaise, lemon juice, garlic and onions.  After grilling, garnish with leaves and serve. 

Pechugas de Pollo ala Queso

Pechugas de Pollo ala queso.  Pechugas refers to the breast.  Pollo is the spanish term for chicken.  The process is not that hard to do.  Simply marinate the chicken to make its flesh tender to the bite. After, make a pocket in the chicken and put some cheese (quickmelt).  Batter the chicken.  Deep fry.  Garnish and serve.

Pork Shawarma ala Empanada (beside grilled pork)

Pork Shawarma is composed of ground pork, raisins, green bell peeper and white onions inside the lumpia wrapper.  First, saute the ingredients with a hot oil in the pan.  Set aside to cool.  Then, wrap the pork and shape it into triangles.  Deep-fry.  Garnish and serve.

Cooking is really fun.  So, how you see our dishes?