25 May, 2012

Stay away from envy!...

Why do they have that while I don't have? Why am I not happy while they are? Why can they pursue while I can't?  

Questions we always asked to ourselves because of envy.  It is not the point that you are lacking of some material needs and  lacking appreciation from others.  Envy should be taken away from ourselves.  If we always give envy a space in our heart, then we can't able to appreciate our own best.  Contentment, self-appreciation can fight envy from us.  We should learn to appreciate our own.  Be contented of what you have today.  God gives us everyday a blessing, God gives us the best.  There is no reason to give ourself a lack of self-confidence whenever we don't deserve such.  It is not the point that we don't deserve, but we should learn to be contented of what we got.  If a person can't pursue schooling, then try to hunt a job.  It is not that God don't love you.  God loves, that's why he always make a way to give us better.  Trust God and worry no more.   God knows, God sees, God loves.  The best comes to us day by day.  Life is the best gift we get everyday.  Learn to appreciate little things, and God will give you great opportunities.  Tattooed in your mind that envy doesn't deserve place in our hearts!

Best Wishes Mr. and Mrs. Jagoon!

Best wishes to my dearest cousin Ms. Theresa Duran with her best groom Mr. Benjie Jagoon. Ate Theresa is my cousin, I don't know what degree but all I know is we are.  Welcome to the marriage life and may God always shower you both lots of blessings.  From the bottom of my heart, BEST WISHES and CONGRATULATIONS!!!  :))