23 December, 2012

Love, Give, Forgive

Have you ever think of yourself being alone in this world, no one to talk, to share feelings and thoughts.    
"No man is an island."  No one can be independent forever.

The true essence of Christmas is giving, sharing, forgiving and loving.  Christmas is about selflessness.    
Christmas is not about receiving, but giving and sharing.  It doesn't matter to what you have, but for what share.


Much has been said, "It is better to give than to receive."  For me, giving is a true sign of selflessness.  A sign of love and care.  I do not found it hard to give as long  as you have, materialistically.  Not only material things can be given for someone, we, too can also lend up our ears when they need someone to listen.  We can give our hands and strength when they need help physically.  We can give our advice when they are in too much burden.  We can give our self  when they feel alone.  We can give our support when someone is being discriminated and degraded.   Last, we can give our love with no condition. 

We should also think that we are not alone in this world.  And by, no one can live alone.  We need someone to depend and lean on.  So give, for everything you have is only borrowed and not yours.


LOVE unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another. (Merriam-Websters)

How you love others is how you love yourself.  A simple qoute, but has a deep meaning and explanation.  We love ourselves, don't we?  Yes, we do.  But for me, to love is not only for ourselves, but also for the people who means a lot to us.  People not only our parents, siblings, family, girlfriends/boyfriends, crush, but also for the whole world.  The world are the people.  Love is priceless, and love is countless.  So love one another!  Love is the most unique gift someone can give.  As the song says, "give love on christmas day" but for me, not only just on Christmas but for life and forever.  So we should not give our heart a space for greed and selfishness.  Love one another as we love God above.


Another thing Christmas all about is having a Peace of mind to one another.
Saying sorry is so difficult to do when we know that we really hurt the person, but forgiving is yet more difficult to do when someone makes you emotionally drained.  But when a person is thoughtful and mean all his mistakes, then to forgive is not that hard to do I think.  The world is full of different people, different personalities and principles in life.  We cannot control the minds of others.  Just be true and mean what you say.  To forgive is to love.  We should all think that life is so short to put our face a pout.  So live each day peaceful with full of smiles and forgiveness.

Celebrate Christmas day with love and Peace of mind!