19 August, 2012

The Barometer of Friendship

A -  accept negative sides and weaknesses of one another

B -  boastfulness is an ill attitude, beware!

C -  cherish your happy moments together

D -  discuss one another's problems, discouragements and the like

E -  encourage your friend to become more eager to face rapid  changes in life

F -   foster passionate attention to one another as if you are  in one family; 

          brotherly and sisterly

G -   god always guide us, so have faith

H -  honestly is always the best policy; bear with it

I -   incubate one's maturity to understand fully the essence of  friendship

J -   justify the worth of your friendship by deeds not by words

K -  keep both of your secrets with you, be reliable

L -   loyalty is one of the emblems for a lifetime friendship

M -  make your words an action

N -  never spread rumors about your friends, if you have problem 
         with them, tell them instead

O -  open your mind to any suggestions, comments, feedbacks, etc.

P -   pride is the hardest thing to chew, make it tender

Q -  quit all your insecurities, be happy of what your friend becomes, don't be selfish

R -   resolve your misunderstandings with one another immediately, be a diplomat

S -   saying sorry whoever did the mistake is a sacred act, be humble

T -   treasure your friends as if they are the last ones

U -   understand one's imperfections

V -   value one's diversities

W -  waive for non-sense work if they need you, it really counts

X -   it is associated with the past, don't make your friendship end,  

      make it for a lifetime

Y -   yonder the consequence of one's decision, it could be good or  bad, 

       you should balance

Z -   zip your mouth for words which are not pleasant in nature          

If we are able to do majority of these principles, then we can really utter that we are best as their friends.  Don't try to ask yourself if you ever get the same thing in return.  This doesn't matter, does it?  This is not the barometer of considering friends.  It is not seen on what they can give but what matters most is how you value your friendship and how you consider it as such.

NOTE: This post is from (the working hand) publication, 2012 issue of Cebu Technological University.