23 May, 2012

I write 'cause my mouth can't speak what my mind says!

I am quiet fond of surfing the net when I got nothing to do.  Facebook, twitter and blog is my companion whenever I have no one to turn to.  I love to share ideas and opinions with others.  Despite that, I have to limit my words.  I love to chat with people, 'cause whenever I do so, I think my mind is working and I got some ideas from others.  There are times that I can't frankly tell others that I am irritated with them.  I can't tell 'cause I consider their feelings.  So, I just have to leave it in myself.  Sometimes I used to pinpoint people by posting statuses on facebook and twitter, not because I want war, but because I want them to wake up!  I use to express my feelings in blog when my world turns in chaos when I have a doubt, and when their is no assurance of trusting someone.  I feel that whenever I express my thoughts online, I have a freedom 'cause nobody can't object me in doing what I want.  Nobody can't force me not to do when I want to call such names, when I want to pinpoint someone and when I want to throw blind items.  Sometimes, it also helps because it minimizes the burdens in me.  When I have questions that seems nobody can't answer, I used to express it by writing online and I love when somebody shared their thoughts.  I love this way of expressing my thoughts and feelings.  What we all want is to lesser the burdens that stuck in us, don't we? :))