06 November, 2012

Started with curiosity, ended up addiction.

  Neri, Juderic
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      Curiosity brought me to find out of what really twitter is.  I was on my senior year in high school when I started to make my account.  It started up with curiosity and I never thought that I could be one of those addicts in tweeting (haha). Well at first, I really don't know what's on the twitter world.  I don't know what's the follow button for.  I encourage some of my classmates to start tweeting and be registered, but they don't like twitter unlike facebook.  They find twitter more sossy than facebook.  I ask why?  They said, It's simply because twitter is for show business. Which I said, No.

I find twitter nicer than facebook.  In fact, I can express my thoughts and feelings on twitter directly.  Unlike Facebook that you have to think first your statuses before posting it.  Facebook has many more drama than Twitter.

My twitter account has been online for almost 3 years and half.  And unfortunately, I only got 1,916 followers with 24, 162 tweets.  I can't imagine before that I am really to fast in tweeting.  Sometimes, I got over capacity because of tweeting so much and much.  If tweeting would cost lots of money, I mean if 1 tweet cost one peso, well I don't know how to get that 24,162 back (haha).  

      Well, it only started up with curiosity and ended up addiction.