19 May, 2012

Productive First Year :))

I would like to thank all my classmates who have been part of my whole-sem stay at Cebu Technological University.  Thank you so much guys, I love you all!!! 

Negative is not always Bad!

I had experienced to get disappointed  in things that I am hoping the most to come.  I was about to cry,  I get mad to the world,  and my my face can't be figured out.  But despite all of these,  I haven't asked myself, "Why I am hoping for too much?"

It had come to the point that my clanmate texted me that she is going to take an examination for a scholarship.  I said to her,

"Think positive and the spot will be yours."

"I will not hope for too much.", she replied.

"Don't think negative, and everything will be all right.", I texted back.

"To think negative is one of my defense mechanisms.  It is OK for if I can't get the spot, as long as I am not hoping for too much , and it will not give me disappointments.", she said.

Our conversation was so meaningful.  From her, I learned something.

Then I finally realized that she is right.  Negative is not always bad, sometimes it helps.  It makes you free from hurt, discouragements and disappointments.  I learned that we should not give our hundred percent hope for such thing with no assurance, 'cause in the end, no one will be reigned loser but yourself.

From now on, that principle is always with me.  I always do it when taking exams, but it did not come to the point that i lost myself because the best had been done out of me.  Thanks to my clanmate before for sharing me her thought about this unique defense mechanism.