18 November, 2012

An object that describes me as a future educator.

EDUCATION is the best wealth among all luxuries and jewels.  It is something which cannot be stolen from others.  Education for me is the most important spices in life.  As a future teacher, I am proud to say that I was not mistaken in taking up this course.  At first, I am really not into teaching or to become a teacher someday.  Once, I promise that whatever happens, I will never took up education courses.

Maybe it is god's will of what I have achieved as an education student now. I imagined that it's good to be part of someone's progress.  It's nice to think that you have been an inspiration for your students.  You have been part of their life as their mentor and what's the best is the lessons you instill that they will never ever be forgotten. 

We have a subject called "Principles of Teaching" and from the name itself, it is more on what is education really about.  Our instructor gave us an assignment of what object best describes us as a teacher in the future and ask to draw the object on a white paper.  My answer is, a candle best describes me as a future teacher.  Here is my drawing.

a candle best describes me as a future teacher

A candle because, just like it gives us light in darkness, I can be an instrument that can light up their mind through the future.  I can be their light on taking their path through success.  And with my light, I can help them lead the way for their bright future.

Education is for all.  Everybody has the freedom to be educated and is free to go schooling.  Education is not expensive if you have the guts.  As the saying goes "If there's a will, there's a way."  If you want to educate yourself, then there are millions of ways.  There is a saying "If you think education is expensive, try IGNORANCE."  

"EDUCATION is a gift that none can take away."