30 May, 2012

Budlat nga mata

Kung ako magtan-aw sa imung mga mata

dili ko kapugngan ang bahakhak nga katawa 

kay sa tanang mata, nag-inusa ka ra

wala kay kapareha sa kung kinsang uban pa

Ang imung mga mata nga nindot ug pahiyom

pagkalami gayud nga handumon

Ang imung tinutukan muduot sa akong dughan

daw mura mura kog molupad ug gibayaw sa kalangitan

Mas swerte ka, ingun pa nila

kay bisan budlat imung mga mata

Ang dalan sa kasing-kasing mao man kuno ang mata

ug angay nga ikapanghambog ang budlat mong mga mata!...

29 May, 2012


PLASTIK- usa ka pulong nga gihimo nga ekspresyon sa panahon karon.  Mga kabatan-onan ang kusog kaayo mogamit sa pinulongang plastik.  Unsay tinubdan sa pinulongang plastik?  Asa gikan ang pinulongang plastik? 

Para sa uban, plastik ang ilang itawag sa mga tawong nitraydor kanila.  Mao kuno ni ang mga tawo nga dili angay kasaligan.  Para sa akong kaugalingon, nganung ihatag man gyud nato ag atong syento-porsyento nga pagsalig sa mga tawong naa tay pagduda?  Ang maayo pa, ihatag ta nalang ang syento-porsyento nga pagsalig sa atong kaugalingon para walay mahay sa kaulhian.

Aduna gihapoy mga tawo nga padayon ang pagtawag ug plastik sa ilang isig ka-tawo.  Ug sa akong tan-aw, murag wala gayud sila makahibalo sa ilang gipangpulong.  Nganung plastik man ilang itawag nga dili man unta kita ginama sa melamin sa China.  Plastik kuno kay pare-pareho ra kuno nig pagsabot sa "PEKE".  Ang tupperware ginama usab sa plastik.  Buot bang pasabot nga ang matag tupperware peke?  Anaa ba diay tupperware nga orihinal?

Ang angay tawgon ug plastik mao ang mga tawo nga kusog kaayo mo-tawag ug plastik ngadto sa uban kay dili sila kahibalo mo huna-huna sa pagbati sa matag isig ka-ingun.  Ingun pa nila nga gibuhat kita sa labawng makakagahum susam gayud sa iyahang panagway.  Kung naay motawag ug plastik sa iyang isig ka-ingun, susama ra sad ba nga iyang gitawag ug plastik ang labawng makakagahum?

Gamiton ta unta ang atong mga huna-huna kung naa man kitay grado.  Ni walay usa kanato ang perpekto.  Ug kung siya plastik, unsa man pud ka?  Guma? nga ug kung sunugon mas baho pa sa plastik?   Dili ta unta ipatigbabaw ang atong mga gibating kalagot.  Gamiton ta unta ang atong huna-huna ug dili ang atong kasilab ug pagdumot.  Huna-hunaon ta unta nga naay masakitan.

Unta hunungan ta ang pagsulti sa pulong nga plastik, kay kita mga tawo, naay pagbati, ug labaw sa tanan, dili kita ginama sa melamin.

25 May, 2012

Stay away from envy!...

Why do they have that while I don't have? Why am I not happy while they are? Why can they pursue while I can't?  

Questions we always asked to ourselves because of envy.  It is not the point that you are lacking of some material needs and  lacking appreciation from others.  Envy should be taken away from ourselves.  If we always give envy a space in our heart, then we can't able to appreciate our own best.  Contentment, self-appreciation can fight envy from us.  We should learn to appreciate our own.  Be contented of what you have today.  God gives us everyday a blessing, God gives us the best.  There is no reason to give ourself a lack of self-confidence whenever we don't deserve such.  It is not the point that we don't deserve, but we should learn to be contented of what we got.  If a person can't pursue schooling, then try to hunt a job.  It is not that God don't love you.  God loves, that's why he always make a way to give us better.  Trust God and worry no more.   God knows, God sees, God loves.  The best comes to us day by day.  Life is the best gift we get everyday.  Learn to appreciate little things, and God will give you great opportunities.  Tattooed in your mind that envy doesn't deserve place in our hearts!

Best Wishes Mr. and Mrs. Jagoon!

Best wishes to my dearest cousin Ms. Theresa Duran with her best groom Mr. Benjie Jagoon. Ate Theresa is my cousin, I don't know what degree but all I know is we are.  Welcome to the marriage life and may God always shower you both lots of blessings.  From the bottom of my heart, BEST WISHES and CONGRATULATIONS!!!  :))

23 May, 2012

I write 'cause my mouth can't speak what my mind says!

I am quiet fond of surfing the net when I got nothing to do.  Facebook, twitter and blog is my companion whenever I have no one to turn to.  I love to share ideas and opinions with others.  Despite that, I have to limit my words.  I love to chat with people, 'cause whenever I do so, I think my mind is working and I got some ideas from others.  There are times that I can't frankly tell others that I am irritated with them.  I can't tell 'cause I consider their feelings.  So, I just have to leave it in myself.  Sometimes I used to pinpoint people by posting statuses on facebook and twitter, not because I want war, but because I want them to wake up!  I use to express my feelings in blog when my world turns in chaos when I have a doubt, and when their is no assurance of trusting someone.  I feel that whenever I express my thoughts online, I have a freedom 'cause nobody can't object me in doing what I want.  Nobody can't force me not to do when I want to call such names, when I want to pinpoint someone and when I want to throw blind items.  Sometimes, it also helps because it minimizes the burdens in me.  When I have questions that seems nobody can't answer, I used to express it by writing online and I love when somebody shared their thoughts.  I love this way of expressing my thoughts and feelings.  What we all want is to lesser the burdens that stuck in us, don't we? :))  

22 May, 2012

Hello Sophomore :))

June is approaching.  I am quiet excited for the coming school opening.  We are heading to 2nd year in our collegiate year.  I am sad to those who can't pursue schooling this year.  Debbie, one of my closest friend in school, sad to say can't go with us this coming opening.  How I ever missed school!  Last year was great, and I hope this year would be the same too.  Though not all my classmates love the way I am, I thanked them for the companion for the whole semester.  One of the worst thing happened to me last year, but I learned to forget it. That year was quiet adventurous, stressful and productive.  My brain was drained every night spending a lot of hour to study.  Thank God I passed all the subjects, and for the nice gen. average I got.  I am glad to say that I can continue my scholarship.  To all my classmates who have been part of my stay at Cebu Technological University, thank you for the companion guys, I love you all! 

21 May, 2012

What a day for Ms. Alma Lyn Opsar!!!

9:00-- I left home for school enrollment, but sad to say,  2nd shiftees will be having the enrollment next week.

10:00-1:00 (around 1:30)-- chatting with Claire, Adeline, Joseph, Vicente and Alma Lyn.

2:00-- we left school for Gaisano Danao.

There the story begun.  As we take a tour, Alma Lyn and Joseph were at the bracelet area.  As

they enjoy themselves watching the designs, the bracelet was accidentally fell to the floor, that 'cause

 Malyn to pay for it.  The next stop was at the cosmetics area where Vicente accidentally hit the

 bleaching salt that 'cause it again to fell on the floor.  Again Vicente made action to display the products on their original place.

3:00-- at Ayelet Bakeshop, Adeline's residence.  I decided to go home early at that time.

EVENING--- texting with friends, Alma Lyn texted me that she lost her cellphone.  I thought to myself that it

 was really her day, so unlucky :(( She is so unlucky today, isn't she??


“ A friend is not like the rain that pours heavily and suddenly disappear, but a friend is like the wind, sometimes quiet but always around.”

Simply Living!

I live my life in a simple way.  I live for what I have, and simply not materialistic.  We are not that wealthy enough to get those wanted things. I learned to be contented of things that I have.  I learned to take envy out from me.  I may not have those status symbols in life, but my life is as colorful as what a rainbow is.  I came from a big clan, and also surrounded with friends who were true to me.  I am not like a facebook account that can make a thousands of friends.  Actually, in real world, I only have few numbers of friends.  Number of friends doesn't matter to me, but the essence of being true and loyal.  I haven't considered one as my bestfriend, 'cause I find it so hard to trust a person with no assurance of giving trust in doing vice-versa.  I trust people, only if they trust me.  I don't lend trust to those who has a doubt on me.  I really value friends.  I am sociable and easy to be with.  My world only revolves in home and school.  I am not that talented, but God give me a whole package of sense humor, and only that I can make proud of.!

20 May, 2012



Samtang gasakay tag habal-habal
Idat-ol imong dughan
Nganhi sa akong buko-buko
Aron mas mabatyag ko
Ang hinagubtob
Sa imong kasing-kasing.
Sa mga libaong nga atong malabyan,
Gaksa ko paghugot
Sama sa lastikong
Nipongpong sa imong buhok
Ug sa kainit sa imong ginhawa
Gitika kining akong dunggan.
Ang mga balili unya
Nga nanghalok sa atong batiis
Isipon tang kaugalingong mga dila.
Dayon samtang nagakatulin
Kining atong dagan
Mamiyong tang manghangad
Ngadto sa kawanangan
Aron sugaton ang taligsik
Sa uwan, dahon, ug bulak.
Adonis Durado

Making our Filipino project (movie) together with my groupmates. ♥

Taken at Gleese Joann's granny's house. :))



Taken @ Intosan Resort, Danao City.

“Quick judgment brings regret.”

“Wise is the man who knows he doesn’t know.”

19 May, 2012

Productive First Year :))

I would like to thank all my classmates who have been part of my whole-sem stay at Cebu Technological University.  Thank you so much guys, I love you all!!! 

Negative is not always Bad!

I had experienced to get disappointed  in things that I am hoping the most to come.  I was about to cry,  I get mad to the world,  and my my face can't be figured out.  But despite all of these,  I haven't asked myself, "Why I am hoping for too much?"

It had come to the point that my clanmate texted me that she is going to take an examination for a scholarship.  I said to her,

"Think positive and the spot will be yours."

"I will not hope for too much.", she replied.

"Don't think negative, and everything will be all right.", I texted back.

"To think negative is one of my defense mechanisms.  It is OK for if I can't get the spot, as long as I am not hoping for too much , and it will not give me disappointments.", she said.

Our conversation was so meaningful.  From her, I learned something.

Then I finally realized that she is right.  Negative is not always bad, sometimes it helps.  It makes you free from hurt, discouragements and disappointments.  I learned that we should not give our hundred percent hope for such thing with no assurance, 'cause in the end, no one will be reigned loser but yourself.

From now on, that principle is always with me.  I always do it when taking exams, but it did not come to the point that i lost myself because the best had been done out of me.  Thanks to my clanmate before for sharing me her thought about this unique defense mechanism.

18 May, 2012

Dili Tanan Matagak Mahagbong

Pananglit mangalibang ang galupad nga panon

Sa langgam luyo sa libon nga panganod,

unsa kahay mahitabo ngadto sa ilang mga iti?

Motaguktok kaha kini og tibuok kung ugaling

Matungod sa atong atup? O mokalit og kahanaw,

Sama sa bulalakaw, mangapulpog sa dili pa

Makaabot sa gasawo tang mga kamot?

Di man tingali ang tanang matagak ba mahagbong;

Dili tanang mahulog adunay padulngan -

Nga ang mga butang nga nakabuhi sa atong kamot

(O natagak gikan sa wanang) adunay tugpahan.

Swerti lang tingali ang tawng gaparasyut

Kay mitugpa sa atup. Swerti lang ang nabugto

Nga tabanog kay nasangit sa poste sa iskina;

Ang nangapunggak nga mga bunga sa mangga

Ang taligsik ba ron sa uwan nga nasawod

Sa mga basiyong lata - ug kining tanan,

Gumikan pa niining balaod sa pisika.

Apan, diin man kuno minglagapak ang imong katawa

Dihang lanog mong gipalukso sa karaang atabay?

Hain tugpa ang mga ngalan, pulong nga nakasaknit?

(Kini, sama sa pangutana sa mga bata kung diin

Dad-a sa hangin - kung wa man gani lamya

Sa bakunawa - ang mga nakabuhi nilang balon.)

Ug kinsa say nasayod, nga ang nahiplos mong singsing

Nga milayat kaniadto sa lawod, kay hangtud karon,

Gapadayon lang gihapon sa iyang pagka-unlod?

Gani, buot kong hunahunaon karon, nga ang mga kalag

Niadtong managtratong gahikog sa pangpang,

Kay naungot ug galutaw lang gihapon sa wanang.