22 May, 2012

Hello Sophomore :))

June is approaching.  I am quiet excited for the coming school opening.  We are heading to 2nd year in our collegiate year.  I am sad to those who can't pursue schooling this year.  Debbie, one of my closest friend in school, sad to say can't go with us this coming opening.  How I ever missed school!  Last year was great, and I hope this year would be the same too.  Though not all my classmates love the way I am, I thanked them for the companion for the whole semester.  One of the worst thing happened to me last year, but I learned to forget it. That year was quiet adventurous, stressful and productive.  My brain was drained every night spending a lot of hour to study.  Thank God I passed all the subjects, and for the nice gen. average I got.  I am glad to say that I can continue my scholarship.  To all my classmates who have been part of my stay at Cebu Technological University, thank you for the companion guys, I love you all!