21 August, 2012

He knows it all!

Chatting is what we used to do with my classmates when professors are not around to have our class.  Brainstorming rather is the other term of this called activity.  I love it this way because I get some ideas from them.  Through experience, we shared a lot of talking.  What I hate is, when there is one who really contradict my or even other's ideas.  It's just like he knows everything.  And from a simple contradiction, gone to hitting harsh words to both parties.  Understanding is what matters most.  But, how can we understand each other if there is one who can't bring his flag down?  He is Mr. PERFECT!!! He knows everything, from the famous gadgets, celebrities, places, historical events, and even life of others.  We are not perfect, yes I know, but we can't help ourselves to get irritated the way he is.  Sometimes, to get out from long discussion, I prefer to be silent and just merely listening them arguing.  I hate arguing people on nonsense thoughts.  It's just wasting my effort to speak, though it's a great exercise too haha.  Anyways, we can't dictate his mind to do the way what we want.  What we need is just to respect him.  That's the way he is, no matter what.