21 May, 2012

What a day for Ms. Alma Lyn Opsar!!!

9:00-- I left home for school enrollment, but sad to say,  2nd shiftees will be having the enrollment next week.

10:00-1:00 (around 1:30)-- chatting with Claire, Adeline, Joseph, Vicente and Alma Lyn.

2:00-- we left school for Gaisano Danao.

There the story begun.  As we take a tour, Alma Lyn and Joseph were at the bracelet area.  As

they enjoy themselves watching the designs, the bracelet was accidentally fell to the floor, that 'cause

 Malyn to pay for it.  The next stop was at the cosmetics area where Vicente accidentally hit the

 bleaching salt that 'cause it again to fell on the floor.  Again Vicente made action to display the products on their original place.

3:00-- at Ayelet Bakeshop, Adeline's residence.  I decided to go home early at that time.

EVENING--- texting with friends, Alma Lyn texted me that she lost her cellphone.  I thought to myself that it

 was really her day, so unlucky :(( She is so unlucky today, isn't she??


“ A friend is not like the rain that pours heavily and suddenly disappear, but a friend is like the wind, sometimes quiet but always around.”

Simply Living!

I live my life in a simple way.  I live for what I have, and simply not materialistic.  We are not that wealthy enough to get those wanted things. I learned to be contented of things that I have.  I learned to take envy out from me.  I may not have those status symbols in life, but my life is as colorful as what a rainbow is.  I came from a big clan, and also surrounded with friends who were true to me.  I am not like a facebook account that can make a thousands of friends.  Actually, in real world, I only have few numbers of friends.  Number of friends doesn't matter to me, but the essence of being true and loyal.  I haven't considered one as my bestfriend, 'cause I find it so hard to trust a person with no assurance of giving trust in doing vice-versa.  I trust people, only if they trust me.  I don't lend trust to those who has a doubt on me.  I really value friends.  I am sociable and easy to be with.  My world only revolves in home and school.  I am not that talented, but God give me a whole package of sense humor, and only that I can make proud of.!