09 June, 2012


One planet, lived by billions of people.  People with such unique differences.  We tend to be different in many ways, aspects, fields and even talents.  Others love the way you are, some don't.  Some are true to you, and there are not.  Some love the way you act, some were irritated.  Others love to socialize with you, some makes you down.  These are the proof that we were born different from each other.

We are different.  Yes, we are definitely unique from each one.  Maybe we tend to have similarities in other things, but we are still different in other aspects.  Everyone has its own capability to achieve their talents in their own way.  God showered us with talents.  Different talents in different fields.  Nobody doesn't has a talent.  We are born talented in our own way and we have to discover it in ourselves to improve our self-confidence.

We meet different people everyday.  Different faces, different personalities and different impressions we set to them.  Have you imagine yourself going out to a Sunday market, placing yourself in a noisy place?  Sometimes noise makes you irritated.  That's the difference between silent people and market people.  Market people love noise while silent don't.

We also tend to be different in attitudes and personalities.  There are friendly while there are not.  There are easy-going and loves partying while some prefer to be alone.  There are frank type while there are silent.  There are showcased with sense of humor and some are senseless.  There are brainy and there are rebel.

Sometimes, differences meant to be the root-cause to get envy to someone or something.  Have you come to think this, There are things that s/he is capable in doing such while you are not.  While there are also things that you are capable of doing while s/he can't.  That's the difference.  We differ in strength and will.  We should not compete with others because of the things we differ, rather we should compete with ourselves to make better.

There are lot of differences we have from each other but whats more important is to respect each differences that we tend to be.  We are all unique in our own way no matter what!...